Generally I hate all of this posting a link on a blog thing with a short blurb at the beginning, it is generally lazy and thoughtless and more-or-less just keyword fodder for commercial blog authors.

But if I may be allowed, there is an article everybody should read.

Tim Berners-Lee, the fellow who designed the first webpage in history, for the physicists at CERN, writes in Scientific American on the 20th anniversary of the www about threats to the web today.

His argument is that the very concept of a web-page only exists because of open protocols and universality, which enabled anyone to dial up to CERN and view the first web-page. It is precisely this principle of universality and openness which facebook is violating. Facebook consists today of 25% of all web-pages viewed in the U.S. While the mere act of creating a web-page seems trivial now, Tim Berners-Lee knows the design principles that lead to the first e